Sunday, July 14, 2013

Two-tone Timer

So let's try this again haha. This should be my last post in the city, for today I am Eastward bound! I'm really excited to show you all where my family (on my Mom's side) is from. I try to go once a year at least, this is when Canada's enormous size does not come in handy, it can be pretty pricey to fly there. 
 Last night the bf and I went to the Sound and Light Show at Parliament Hill, it was absolutely spectacular! I've lived in Ottawa for so many years, but for some reason (clearly I didn't research my city enough) I've never heard of this before. Through narrative, music, and a light show, using the Parliament building as the backdrop, Canada's history and pride as a nation was celebrated. The whole time I was mesmerized by the lights.
I'm surprised I haven't paired these flats and this belt together before, I mean, could two things be a better match?! I will confess. I'm addicted to matching. I love it when a single colour will pull the whole look together, like grey with this outfit. I think this is what stops me from being a daring-fashionista! I have been adding more prints into my closet though, before you would have caught me only in solids, how booooooorrrriiiiiiiiiing eh! 
Outfit: Dress (Billabong), Belt (oh my, I can't remember, but I think SmartSet), Bag (Thrifted), Ring and Earrings (DIY), Nail Polish (Essie- where's my chauffeur? and Rimmel- Grey Matter) 


  1. Your dress is so pretty! I'm seriously loving your hair too, just the perfect summer ensemble :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  2. This dress is lovely! And I love the ring too. The new blog name is great, by the way. I've been so behind of reading blogs and I'm just now making up for it!

  3. Love love the dress, the cut and colour are so pretty. Love a subtle aztec print :)

    Ruth x


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