Friday, August 02, 2013

Being Thrifty: DIY Cork Keychain

Recently I've been searching for DIY projects involving corks- I have a bag of them that just needs to go. And, what better way is there to pass time than making things I don't truly need?  I stumbled upon a wine cork keychain that had the most precious little grape trinket, on Pinterest of course, and it definitely seemed a task I could master. It was super simple to do, and it took less than fifteen minutes! This thing certainly doesn't require many materials either, another bonus. I was lucky to have everything at home, saving myself a trip to the store.  So here is my (sparkling) wine cork keychain, hope you enjoy! 
 1. A wine or sparkling wine cork. I thought the larger cork might be a bit sturdier.
2. A key ring. I just took this one off my original key set, and voila! 
3. A screw eye. A second one is needed if you want to add a trinket at the other end. 
4. (Optional) Trinket.  I chose a sea shell and rope for a beachy-summery feel. 


  1. what a neat idea! i really liked the added sea shell- it was the perfect addition to make it cute :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


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