Friday, August 23, 2013


       I know I've sung this song before, but I just hate it when something is put away, 
collecting dust. I live downtown as well, which means next to no
closet space (things are fighting for hangers). This poncho was tucked away, ignored. I
was thrilled to find it at a second-hand store, only $3 and such a vibrant print, I couldn't
   say no! However, I've worn it a total of ZERO times. I was nervous doing this project,
 I so very much wanted it to work out and not ruin the fabric. I'm no master at this, 
  and you'd probably be better off following instructions from someone more experienced 
than I, but it shows how almost anything can be revamped to suit your desires! 
(And that even a novice like me can manage a bit of sewing)
  1. Materials: Scissors, thread and needle, measuring tape, fabric, safety pins and an elastic waistband.
  2. Next I cut the poncho in half. Now I have the front and back of my skirt. 
  3. At this point I just played with the material, figuring out what style I wanted and measuring it to my needs. Once I did this I pinned it in place. 
  4. A rough idea as to what the finished product will look like. 
  1. Sew the fabric to the waistband (the bottom). I bunched mine up a little because I like the look of it and it allows for better stretching when I put it on. 
  2. Sew the sides of the skirt. I do everything by hand. It would be much easier, and I'm sure more precise, but I have yet to get the hang of my machine. Repeatedly throughout this project I would put on the skirt to make sure the measurements were correct (pins are your best friend). 
  3. Almost done! Well done if I didn't want it to be shorter. 
  4. I wanted the skirt to be a tad shorter, especially since the ends reminded me of a throw blanket. I folded where I wanted to the hemline to be and then ironed it (this keeps it in place when sewing, a HUGE help). 

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  1. Aaw this skirt is SO cute, I love the colourful stripes! <3 Everytime I see such posts I wish I had the time and nerves to learn how to sew *sigh*

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