Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wayward Wanderings

Everything is kissed and reticulated with sun
Scooped-up and cupped in the open fronts of shops
And bouncing on the traffic that never stops.
       Louis MacNeice- Morning Sun 
I'm starting to get suspicious...It's August and I'm
wearing a dress and a skirt, with flats. This is what
 I remember from past summers: sweating profusely 
from simply standing outside, life and especially
sleep was almost unbearable sans the AC, and my
ensembles were light, uncomplicated and free of
layers. This summer however, I've used the AC only
a handful of times, mostly for relief for Kobe and Marley,
who are burdened with fur. What's going on Mama N.?!
Although, I'm not really complaining, the time in which I
can rock lats without wearing tights with my skirts and
dresses has been lengthened, yay! And above all that, it
is rather pleasant not having my body covered in a layer 
of sweat. It's all pros and cons. 
Whenever I wear knapsacks, especially when paired
 with a girly skirt, I feel as if I'm channeling my inner
little kid. Who am I kidding? I'm always channeling my 
inner five year-old self; she was much more carefree 
and truly knew how to have fun! Speaking of knapsacks...
it's the second summer since graduation and I still feel
as if I should be included in this back to school fever. I 
want to be buying textbooks, taking in that wonderful
new-book smell. Or making my schedule, filling my week
with classes that give meaning to each day. Now all my 
days feel mashed into one giant unanimous day. It doesn't
help that I work from home either. Of course, there are plenty
of good things that come with growing up...such as owning a
dog! That shows how mature I am, right? I mean, he could
die if I didn't fill his bowls with food and water. Alright, I
believe that's enough rambling for today!
Skirt: Thrifted/DIY
Backpack: Garage sale 
Flats: Spring
Pendant: DIY 
Dress worn as Top: American Apparel 


  1. Cute skirt and I love your backpack! I've been wanting to buy a new backpack lately since the one I have from college has dinosaurs on it. I still love it but I'd like one that's a little more chic now haha. You've made me really want to go back to school shopping too and now I wish I could plan a back to school outfit. We haven't really had a summer here either which has been nice since this time last year my apartment felt like death and I never came out of my room because it was the only place with a/c.

    I'm also glad to know that I am not the only one who has the city problems I mentioned in my post :)

  2. Omg you always look so adorable! I love your romantic girly style and your pretty hair! :)


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