Sunday, September 01, 2013

DIY: Tank

When my younger brother was going to give this marvelous t-shirt to Goodwill, I
immediately snatched it up and the brainstorming on how I could re-purpose it
began. This thing is such a trip down memory lane! I can just picture my grade-shcool
self now: after finishing up chores and spending the required time outside, my sister
and I would plop ourselves in front of the television and indulge in some quality Mario
and Luigi time. I bet my sister and I would have been much better players if we were 
allotted more time to play. These were the days when kids played outside. Now street 
hockey is against the law and kids who can barely use the toilet without assistance own
IPhones. The original Nintendo is the only game system I've truly enjoyed playing, since
then, everything has become waaaay too complicated for me. Every once in a while Paul 
will try to persuade me to play Wii, but I just can't get into video games like I did in the
days of my youth. And that's what my mind wanders to when I see this shirt. It didn't
quite fit and I've seen this DIY project floating around Pinterest for a while now, so I 
thought I'd give it a try. It's fair to say everyone who knows me passes things by me 
first before throwing it out, you never know what you can create! 
  1. The t-shirt before the cutting. 
  2. Cut the sleeves and a straight line (mine is a little uneven) across the top of the shirt, under the neckline. 
  3. I folded down the new neckline and ironed it, this is such a help when sewing, I can't express this enoough- the fabric just stays in place!
  4. Sew the ribbon in. And that's it! This DIY project uber simple and took less than fifteen minutes. Hope you enjoy! 


  1. Samantha, this is AWESOME! i love the ribbon touch- it makes it so sweet and girly. and i love that everyone passes you their hand-me-downs before tossing them- haha you trained them well ;)

    Oh also, if you're looking for a good wide brimmed hat, I get 90% of mine at Urban Outfitters. I always cruise they're sale section on line, and always nab them for like ten bucks! happy hunting ;)

    xo marlen
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  2. This DIY is so cute! I love the ribbon detail :)

  3. I know so sad that kids do not play outside so much any more what a great D I Y I love it

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  4. Hooray for a Super Mario shirt! Love it! :)

  5. This turned out so cute! I definitely want to try this on an old tee shirt now :)
    xo Hannah


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