Tuesday, September 17, 2013

For the Sake of Old Times

See, I am old- look here, you happy girl, 
I will not play the fool, deceive myself;
'Tis all gone- put your cheek beside my cheek-
Ah, what a contrast does the moon behold!
        Robert Browning, In a Balcony
There are still several days until Autumn officially starts, but the
temperatures here say otherwise (it was a low 8 degrees the other
day!). The sniffling has begun, the sun is setting earlier as each day
passes, and my hands are icy cold causing the nickname Cold Hands to be
 reinstated. Cold Hands is not just lame nickname for someone with cold
 hands, props to anyone who can get my nerdy reference!
A month ago I would never have been caught in yellow or orange. With
yellow making my hair ashy rather than golden and orange not complimenting
my pale complexion, I thought the two colours were ill-suited for blondes.
They are perfect colours when you're going for the whole Autumn vibe
though, so I threw all of my old beliefs out the window! I've never really
been one to follow fashion rules or guidelines. I don't think so anyways. I
don't know if I'm a summer or a winter, I do know I'm a petite but I doubt
I always dress accordingly- and if I do, it's hardly intentional. And the whole
white after Labour Day? Does anyone listen to that? How about yourself? Do 
you just wear what your little heart desires or do you adhere to the rules? 
I'm excited to be wearing some vintage pieces. I don't have an over-
whelming amount of vintage things, but I have a handful. I rarely wear
them though. This purse hung on the back of my bedroom door, unused,
for the longest time. In its original condition it didn't have this cross-body
chain, it was more of a clutch. But what's the point of owning something if
you never use it? Now that I've added this chain I'll get more use out of it!
I kept the original chain for the purse, just in case I ever want to change it
back. Is it bad that I've altered a vintage piece? Do you think this takes
away some of its integrity? Verdict please ladies!
I apologize again for my dirty shoes, Kobe just doesn't understand my
 desire to stay clean. Rolling around in mud? Yeah, Kobe's favourite.
Vintage Purse
Vintage Necklace 
DIY Bracelet
Thrifted Scarf
Thrifted Beret
Thrifted Top
Aritzia Talula Dress


  1. Right on! I do the same when it comes to style - I just wear what I want and what I think looks good. Haha, those old fashion rules are meant to be broken!
    I'm so glad you decided to wear this awesome yellow scarf/kimono/thing of awesomeness! It looks perfectly fall-gorgeous :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. this look is lovely! I love the yellow and how your entire outfit is practically thrifted/vintage. =)


  3. wow such a beautiful look! i loveee your scarf!! so pretty :)


  4. you look so cute! you can totally wear yellow, it works on you for sure. and I agree with you, I try to wear whatever I want. Def dont follow the no white after Labor Day rule. lame.

    And I can't believe that it is 8 degrees there!!


  5. Amazing Look!!!
    Would you like to follow each other?! Let me know! ;)



  6. It's amazing how vintage pieces can really come together for a "right now" look. I am a huge fan of vintage so naturally i am in love with all of these pieces especially the hat and scarf. I NEED a hat like that!!!


  7. Wow these mustardy shades of yellow look SO good on you girl! Pretty hat and bracelet too! Love the tad of boho vibes you always got about your looks :)

  8. Looking wonderful. I adore your necklace it is so fantastic!

  9. This is gorgeous! I love flowy scarves/wraps, especially for the fall. :)

  10. Such a gorgeous outfit! Lovely dress and perfectly combined with the colorful scarf and of course the amazing purse!



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