Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Third Time is a Charm

Well,  the goals I set for outfit posts this weekend were a complete fail.
While Paul and I did have a wonderful weekend: both Friday and Saturday
night was spent socializing and relaxing with friends at some local bars
and Sunday's sunny afternoon was ideal for a picnic, things didn't quite
go my way. On Saturday, Paul and I headed over to the dog park with 
Kobe-the ushe. Upon arrival I realized I had a huge coffee stain down the
front of my white dress (after four cups of coffee I'm surprised I don't
always to spill on myself).  That was nothing though. The real drama 
had not begun.  On Sunday, with the weather so much in our favour, 
Paul and I decided a picnic was in order- there's not much time left for 
that! After walking a decent amount we finally arrived at our destination.
We allowed Kobe to swim first so he'd cool and calm down and allow us to
eat in peace. Kobe then gets out of the water, walks ahead of me, and kicks!
He's just kicking up dirt and it was all landing on me! I was covered, from
head to toe, in mud. To make matters worse, Auntie Dot decided it was
time to visit. Right there in the park. With no washrooms.  No bueno. Oh,
it was an awkward walk home. Ya just gotta roll with the punches. 
Yesterday, after the somewhat sad realization that the temperatures
are rapidly dropping and I most likely won't feel the heat again until 
2014, except for the brief Indian Summer we'll receive in the Fall, I got
on my hands and knees and pulled out the dusty boxes of boots from
underneath my bed. I always associate the end of summer with cowboy
boots. Probably because they don't do well in the rain, therefore the maj-
ority of the year it's unsuitable to wear them- and my feet just get stuffy
when I wear them on hot days. Since cowboy boots conjure up images of
rough cowboys (duh), desert terrain, crazy gunslingers, and a harsh way
of life many of us in the States and Canada have long forgotten, I like to
wear the complete opposite of all that imagery and wear a romantic girly
dress. I like the juxtaposition between soft and tough. Just like a white
lace dress and a leather biker jacket (why haven't I bought one yet?!).
Thrifted Pashmina 
Thrifted Dress
Aldo Boots
Thrifted Bag
Thrifted Bracelets
Souvenir (from Mexico) Necklace


  1. Once again you look so lovely! I always adore your style, you are just so cute! Beautiful mix of brown and white here, these boots and the cape/scarf are such eyecatchers! And your hair is pretty as usual :)
    Sorry to hear about your unpleasant Sunday though - it's always like that, after one little catastrophe even bigger ones follow :-/

  2. Beautiful dress, love your perfect hair and the little autumn leaf is too sweet.

  3. ugh, so sorry you had a rough couple of starts! but you look absolutely adorable here, well done! that pashmina is just amazing. love your style lady :)


  4. Wow, what a string of bad luck. Sorry to hear that. At least you got some nice photos though. I like the Southwest vibe you've going on and I love combining soft and tough pieces too :)

  5. Haha, third time's the charm right? Hate it when stuff like that happens to your plans. This is such a great look though! The scarf is absolutely beautiful and I love the brown tones with cream, one of my favorite color combinations :)

  6. You look so pretty!!! This dress is perfect and the mix with all the brown shades is amazing!!!


  7. You look so cool in this outfit! I love the bohemian feeling I get from it! Perfect styling too! :)


  8. Oh my goodness! What a gorgeous pashmina! I love the color and the pattern... definitely a rare and beautiful find :)


  9. hahaha the universe just did NOT want you to take photos this weekend! god, it's like out of a sitcom. but in the end your outfit turned out bangin', I love this summer slash autumn outfit! the boots were such a cute touch with the white dress, and i never thought to wear a shawl like that. that's SUCH a good idea! totally stealing that.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. Omgsh, that print kimono is just AMAZING! I want it *_*
    I love how you wore it too - the white dress underneath with the tough boots is perfection.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  11. Love this look, so hippie chic! :) And I love how you accessorised this simple white dress! :)


  12. Samantha, that´s such a perfect look, I´d wear it exactly in your way, well done! :)

  13. Oh no, that sounds like an awful day of incidents! I'm sorry. At least you look beautiful here! I LOVE that shawl over your lacy dress!

  14. such a cute look! nice style =) I followed your blog


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