Sunday, September 15, 2013

Say Hello to my Yellow

                      Uhh, I apologize for being the most inconsistent blogger ever! I don't
want my blog to be filled with lugubrious posts and for people to think
I'm always in a melancholy mood, but I've just been in the biggest rut
lately. I think if Paul has to hear me exclaim, "I have NO clothes!" like
a five year old having a tantrum one more time, I think I soon will come
home to closet with literally no clothes in it. And the point will be proven,
I did have clothes in my closet. See, Sam. This is what an empty closet
really looks like.... I'm joshing ya. Paul isn't vindictive. And I welcome
you ladies to Rambling 101. Here you will learn all the essentials to help
you become a seasoned rambler just like me! Okay, I think that's enough.
Tight season is upon us already. This is good news for you: now you
won't be blinded by my ghost-like legs. I really want to wear all my
boots (no, not all at once) but I figure soon enough the ground will be
covered in cold white stuff and wearing flats would be pretty much 
equivalent to wearing nothing. So flats it is. I tried taking close-up photos
of my shoes but they're just too dirty. No one wants to see dirty shoes. 
That's what happens when you wear your delicate shoes to the dog park. 
Kobe has a way of dropping his ball, covered in drool, onto my shoes. It's
gross. It leaves wet spots. At least he brings the ball back. Pros and cons.
And this is how I've worn this skirt before. The fabric is fairly light
and airy, therefore I won't be able to get much use out of it during
the colder months, it's good for now though. 
Thrifted Skirt                    
Thrifted Sweater                   
Thrifted T-shirt                   
Spring Flats                   
H&M Bag                   
Fancy Sox Brown Tights                  
Riley and McCormick Western                  
                 Wear Reversible Bandanna (Kobe's)                  


  1. Haha, I think we all have thrown that tantrum...sometimes when we're uninspired it feels like we need a completely new wardrobe to put together a good outfit, huh?
    But you did great and I love this print skirt! Mixed with a cozy yellow cardigan and tights, it makes me wish it was colder here already. Haha, I'm so ready to wear some tights and boots!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I hate feeling like that about my clothes. Hopefully some fun new fall attire will be bestowed upon you soon :) I think you look lovely in your yellow sweater though. I actually just bought a yellow sweater that will be in an upcoming post haha. And that is such a cute picture of your dog.

  3. We all seem to go through those periods with our clothes - but you look so adorable here! That cardigan is just perfect!


  4. What a gorgeous yellow cardigan! I love how cozy and fall-inspired this is, I'm so excited to wear tights and the like again soon! Plus that doggie is too cute, look at his darling face!

  5. That is such a pretty yellow cardigan and I love the print of your skirt! Hahahaha I say that I have no clothes all the time too. Usually in the morning while rushing to get dressed for school and my mind is blanking. And by the way, your dog is adorable :)

  6. i love this cardigan on you! :)

    the STYLE Fringe BLOG

  7. I love your cardigan. It is the most beautiful shade of yellow

  8. This outfit is absolutely gorgeous, I'd wear it myself. And have no fear, I completely understand your rambling!


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