Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Colours of the Forest

All them pitch words, so they say
My weaponry is words, Doe-Ray-Me
The war's in the form of po-et-ry
So it's straight C-4 from the thoughts I bring
     Wale, Wordplay
People, the world is becoming dangerous. Well, it's always been dangerous, but
now I'm experiencing it and it's not cool. While on the way to the dog park (the
location of these photos) Kobe and I were almost hit by a bus! Not paying attention
and running through a red light, the bus stopped just a mere foot from my pup! For
any non-Ottawans out there, OC Transpo bus drivers are notorious for being a
tad, let's say, loco. This is also the third time this week I've almost been hit. Is the
universe trying to say something?! My fear is warranted though, last Wednesday
three pedestrians were hit by cars, one of the accidents happening three blocks
   from my home. Going out has now become a real-life game of Frogger. Game on. 
So now is the time that I don wool every day. It cuts the cold like no other. I was
able to get away with not wearing a coat yesterday despite the chill due to wool. It's
become quite the obsession though. Move over Paul, I've got my wool to keep me
warm! Okay, maybe an unhealthy obsession...I washed a wool sweater yesterday
and I completely understand why people find it a hassle - it took half an hour to
hand wash it and it took forever to dry! I've ruined plenty of sweaters from not
paying attention to the rules of washing. Boo. Wool can be tricky too, if the sweater
is cheap I find it tends to be itchy; for example, my Tahari wool sweater is the sofest
thing ever, whereas I need to wear a long-sleeve underneath my Old Navy wool
sweater. And what is your verdict, ladies? Are you and wool the best of friends in
the cold months or do you veer away from it due to it's sensitivity? I'd like to know!
Thrifted // Beret
Thrifted // Scarf
Jacob // Wool Sweater
Gift // Mitts
Thrifted // Dress
     A Boutique Downtown // Heart Tights                   
Thrifted // Leg Warmers
Thrifted // Boots


  1. yes! wool is the best for cold days! I love this mix of colors

  2. Oh wow, be careful while out walking! That's seriously scary. Glad you and your puppy are okay!
    Hmmm, I don't own anything that's wool, so I can't say. However, it sounds cozy! Perfect for a cold winter day :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. You looks so gorgeous in this look! Perfect outfit from head to toe, adore your hat so much <3


  4. CUTE LOOK :)


  5. You look adorable, as usual! You have the best fall layers :)


  6. I love this look!! Warm, comfy and cute! :)

    Feel free to visit my blog as well if you wish! <3

    New Blog Post: 10 Habits That Will Help You Succeed

  7. Aw you look SO cute as usual! Lovely autumny outfit, especially the scarf and boots <3
    I totally agree on wool for the cold season - but high quality wool, that's right! I like to focus on wool scarves to keep me warm because - you nailed it - I'm too lazy to handwash any other wool pieces ;)

  8. holy scary almost hit 3 times in 1 wk? loco for sure. you are rocking the chocolate brown. i used to wear wool when i lived in utah. now i live in texas, and it doesn't get that cold. i still have my wool coats, but hardly ever wear them.

  9. could you be any cuter and cozy looking?! and be careful out there lady! crazy drivers. sheesh.



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