Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Plaid Shmaid

Does the day break, is the hour imminent?
When one deed, when my whole life's deed, my deed
Must be accomplished?
     Robert Browning 
I don't even know how I'm able to look at the computer right now; out of 34 
I've been typing for 19 of them! Rush order on the transcript. Let's just say, my
eyes have been watering from staring at the computer screen so long and my
bum? It has definitely become flat from sitting in a chair so long (as if it wasn't flat
enough to begin with)! And to think I once wanted to be a journalist... talk about
working with a deadline. But I'm like the Little Engine that Could - I think I can, I
think I can -  and now I'm glad it's over and I can start the cycle all over again!
Oh, plaid. Are you tired of it yet?! When I saw this dress it was instantaneous
desire. When I wear it I'm transported into a time far from my own, for I feel
very much like a Wilder sister, I'm just missing that little house on the prairie!
 The material is rather light though, so I'm glad the temperatures have been
mild enough to just layer it with a dress underneath. Okay, well, I was a little cold.
That's why my lips wouldn't turn up to form a smile no matter how many signals
my brain sent to my face telling it to do so. "Just be happy that I'm not quivering,"
my lips told me.  But yes, the dress. I love it. I just have to be careful when  I
choose to wear it for Paul has several shirts that look just like it. And just in case
you were thinking that we're the matching kind of couple: girl, get that thought
outta ya head! Matching the dog is as far as I go. That's the line of my sanity.
Thrifted // Hat
Thrifted // Plaid Shirt Dress
DIY // Feather and Leaf Pendants
Thrifted // Belt
Fanxy Sox // Tights
Aldo // Boots 


  1. I love your look, it reminds me of picking apples! ^^ the length of your dress is perfect for this time of year when it starts to get chillier!

  2. Haha, I love what you said in that last paragraph. Get that thought outta ya head! I feel the same when it comes to my style. I want it to be my own, individual look :)
    Love your plaid dress girl, the orange tights match it perfectly <3
    You look fantastic!

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  3. what a cute outfit! I really like your dress!

  4. Who could tire of plaid?

    No, I really like this and the colors you paired it with work well.

  5. I love your boots. :)
    come stop by,

  6. Love this outfit! Such a cute dress and it looks great with the tights and hat. I hate matching my boyfriend too lol.


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