Sunday, November 03, 2013

Plaid and the Monthly Bills

Do not let the greens leaves that have yet to change and fall to the ground deceive
you. The chill has come. Brush off those boots. Dig out those knit scarves and
wool mitts. Gone are the days of being a flรขneur while the days of hibernation are
just beginning. There will be less people on the streets and fewer dogs at the park.
Squirrels are hurriedly running about often endangering themselves for bits of food
before the ground freezes over and their once green world has turned into a barren
land of white. When this happens, when the sun shines so strongly and so brightly
you are sure that there must be some heat emanating off of it, I can often be found
curled up on the couch, donning plenty of wool and sipping on some hot chocolate.
Okay, so you're probably sick and tired of the same four white dresses by now.
Believe you me, I have a very sound reason for this. We all know I love to shop
at thrift stores. We also all know how difficult it can be to keep white clean. (Or is
this just me?) So one could imagine how challenging it can be to find second-hand
items that are white - sans stains of course! I inspect items thoroughly when I thrift,
yet with white you have to be extra meticulous.  My collection is growing. Slowly
but surely. I find white is a nice alternative to black, which was once the most used
colour - or shade - in my closet. I've paired this plaid wool blazer with a black
dress before (Click here to see), but against the white I find the navy pops more. 
And before I go, just a quick mentioning of the belt I made. The how-to here
Thrifted // Dress
Thrifted // Wool Coat
GAP // Plaid Wool "Academy" Blazer
DIY // Belt 
Le Chateau // Boots
Gift from my mom //  Plaid Scarf 
Thrifted // Fuzzy Beret 
c/o Firmoo // Glasses
Thrifted // Messenger Bag
Brownies' Handkerchief // Kobe's Bandanna
DIY // Necklace


  1. omg love the whole outfit : ) your dog is so cute too

  2. Man, how you find such perfect white dresses is beyond me! I never find a good white dress at thrift stores. They're always...yellowy :/
    Anyway, love the plaid blazer and this adorable scarf! Plus, the red tights tied everything together perfectly.
    Omgsh, it snowed today! It was a bizarre flurry of snow, but still, winter is coming.

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. I LOVE the jacket, it is amazing. I adore tartan and the colour combination is the best.

  4. Such an inspirational post! I enjoyed reading it :) I love your blog, too!
    Would you like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin? If you would, just follow me and leave a comment on my blog, so that I can follow you back :)

    Tina from the Style Sinners
    Twitter - @TinaStefanovic
    Instagram - @tina_stefanovic

  5. You look so cute in the beret and I absolutely love that preppy plaid coat! I wish I was better at's rare that I find something good.

    The Tiny Heart
    Ad Space Giveaway!

  6. How CUTE is your little plaid blazer?! I love it. I really need to find some leaves to take pictures near. These photos are just pretty and fun!

  7. you made that belt? wow! i'm terrible at keeping white clean. kobe is so cute!


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