Thursday, November 14, 2013

Goodbye, Green-eyed Monster

People: Stop the presses! Bring the tapes and the cameras 'cause I'm about to go
apes and bananas. Someone has definitely put 2013 on fast-forward. I'm sure of
it. I can't believe that in less than two weeks I will turn 25. I know I've sung this
tune before, but I just feel as if we spend our childhood constantly looking forward
and waiting.  Waiting for school to end, waiting for the next holiday, waiting to get
older for each year represents a new opportunity. Now it's all, "Wow, I can't believe
Kobe is going to be five years old!" En serio. I've been taking care of a living thing
for the past five years?! I barely feel responsible enough now. But he's survived.
And the years have piled up. They exist now in photo albums and memories - both
the forgotten and the remembered. Sometimes it doesn't quite feel as if all that much
time has passed at all; sometimes the pain and joy from past experiences is so strong
it feels as if I lived it just yesterday. And it's no more trivial thoughts and insignificant
goals. It's house-creating and career time (fyi: I laugh at the thought of marriage. I'm
still just a child, c'mon).  Although, you know what the biggest change has been? I
swear, one day I woke up and all the things my mother has said to me over the
years made sense.  It no longer comes across as incessant nagging, but rather,
sound advice from an experienced woman. Hah! How long was she waiting to
hear that? Twenty-five years I suppose....   
And now, enough of all that heavy talk: let's discuss the things we use to cover
ourselves so we're all not running around like Adam and Eve; although, I'd freeze!
I feel as if this is the quintessential autumn ensemble; browns, green, orange. Mm-
hmm. If I were to lie down on the ground you wouldn't be able to see me, for I'd be
lost in the foliage. Just joshin' ya.  Even though I absolutely adore this skirt, often I
find it hard to style it (being the extremely matchy-matchy person that I am). This is
only it's second time out in the world (on moi). I gotta think outside the box more!
Thrifted // Floppy Hat
Thrifted // Wool Coat
Handmade // Scarf
F21 // Necklace
DIY // Circle Pendant
Thrifted // Cardigan
Thrifted // T-Shirt
Thrifted // Skirt
Thrifted // Belt
Fancy Sox //  Brown Tights 
Aldo // Boots


  1. Haha, that's so funny, I know my mom is still waiting for the day when I'll say the same :b
    I can't believe how fast time flies! Its true, I'm still looking forward to things being over, such as this semester, or my years of school in general (I WANNA HAVE A BREAK, WAAAAA!), but it'll be over before I know it and then I'll be lost all over again.
    Aaaaanyway, love your adorable print skirt and your gorgeous navy coat! Plus, you are rocking that floppy hat like nobody's business. You always looks so adorable :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. 2013 has gone by incredibly quickly! I've felt very confused about the cold weather because I remember last fall like it was yesterday. Also, we're almost the same age - I turned 25 in September; pretty groovy. - Leah,

  3. First off, your hair is gorgeous. Just so you know.

    Also, Happy Soon-to-be-Birthday. 25 was a great year for me; hope it is for you too!

  4. awww such a gorgeous look, lovely hair!! :)

  5. samantha, this is another outfit i absolutely adore! oh sweet that you've been kobe's mum for 5 yrs. :)

  6. love your layering! and couldn't agree more. time passes too quickly!!!



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