Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Winter Wish List

1. Canada Goose "Kensington" Parka // 2. Modcloth "Dressed to Chill" Circle Scarf // 3. J.Crew "Snowflake Fair Isle"  Wool Socks // 4. Topshop Cable Mittens and Beanie // 5. Timberland Waterproof
Boots // 6. Maybelline  "Dr. Rescue Baby Lips" Lip Balm // 7. Hudson's Bay Company Shearling Mittens 

Well, lookie, lookie: it's my very first wish list! I thought I would do one on a monthly basis, but also one for
every season. Now, technically autumn doesn't end until December 21st, but how bonkers is that?!One
definitely has to start dressing for winter before it comes! So this wish list is all about keeping myself toasty
warm when the temperatures drop to -30 degrees Celsius ( that's about - 22 degrees for my Fahrenheit ladies out there). 

These Timberland boots would do the job when I'm trudging through several feet of
snow at the park (for a bordie collie/hound mix needs exercise no matter what the weather may be). A
 waterproof boot is an unspoken must when you live in a city that has a wet, slushy winter! No soggy socks.
And while the Canada Goose Parka is almost a staple here, when  the cold wind blows, it chills,
chills you to the bone.  I also may want the cable mitts and beanie from Topshop in brown, red, green,
gray... why not in every colour?!  How do you keep warm in the bitter cold winter months? 


  1. Oh so want to get a winter coat in a color. All my winter coats are black. Just have not decided on camel,pink,winter white or a bright color. Oh and I need a parker.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  2. I think it's ridiculous that winter doesn't technically start until almost the end of December!
    That red coat is definitely what I need right now to stay warm

    The Dragonfruit Diaries


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