Sunday, January 18, 2015

DIY Satchel

Am I ever excited to share the latest DIY project: a satchel! My
major goal for 2015 - and the rest of my life - is to become more
self-sufficient. I'm not going to lie, at times it can seem overwhelming
and as if I'm not getting anywhere. But like the tortoise won the race,
slow and steady is the way to go! I had this thick wool fabric from an
old poncho I never wore and I've been trying to think of ways to use
it. The colours of the fabric remind me of Peruvian bags, so I went
in that direction. The satchel is pretty basic, but I love the fact that
my hands made it. Never doubt yourself! 
- Silly me, I forgot to picture the thread! I used white thread for
everything except the flap, for which I used a light purple. Colours
were chosen based on the colour of my fabric. I also used a thicker
thread, I like to do this when working with wool, which is heavier. 
- Cut fabric into a long rectangle. The length and width depends
on the size you would your satchel to be. 
- Along the length of fabric fold the sides inwards. How wide you
would like your satchel is up to you. Mine is 8 inches wide. Try to
make this as straight as possible. Tip: ironing the sides keeps them
in place and makes it much easier to work with. 
- Bring the bottom of your fabric up almost to the top. Leave fabric
at the top for your flap. Again, the length (or depth) of the satchel
is up to you. Mine is 11 inches. 
- Outside view of satchel-to-be. Sew back and front together, this 
is done by pulling the satchel inside out and sewing along the
outer sides. 
- The striped fabric made sewing in straight lines easy, this might
be more difficult to accomplish without stripes. 
- For the strap I used a wool fabric belt that came with a sweater.
Anything that is long and strong enough will work though - be
creative! I folded the belt in half and sewed that to each side of
the satchel. 
And that's it! 


  1. You need to do an outfit with this bag now! :D
    You really re-imagined that poncho in the most perfect way. It looks great as a bag, and yes, the fact that you made it makes it all the more exciting :)

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. This is so great! I love the fabric you chose-it is so cheery and reminds me of a sunset. Great tutorial too, I have some fabric scraps I would love to try this with!


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