Sunday, January 04, 2015

Looking back and other mushy things

And just when you thought you'd heard the last of holiday salutations,
Happy New Year! I hope that the past few weeks have been good to you. 
At first I wasn't going to review the past year, but so many life-changing
things have happened in the last twelve months I thought it might be nice
to be reflective for a change. It's crazy that I can have a glimpse into the
past with all these photos - there's no escaping that anymore!
Things that have changed:

>> Location. Ah yes, our trek across the country. From city to sea. Would
it be an over-exaggeration if I said I can finally breath now? I'm a bit of a
shy person, so taking pictures among crowds in the city was a challenge. 
An uninvited challenge. I can't get enough of the wide open spaces and
quiet areas. It's also a huge improvement from the wall backdrop! 
(see post here

>> Our little fam lost a cat and acquired a cat. We were all very sad to
lose Marley, but have welcomed our new rambunctious kitten, Kiyoko,
into our home with arms wide open (see post here). 

>>  I got a position as a newspaper columnist. I may or may not have cried...
more than once. Dreams really do come true! (see post here)

>> In regards to my fashion: I have been gravitating towards longer hemlines
and have even started wearing pants (much to the surprise of my family).
I'm not sure if this has to with my new rural landscape or growing up...
either way I'm going with the flow like poured molasses. 

>> I started to make more things. Partly this stemmed from the lack
of domestic products, but I've also been testing my ability to create
with my own hands. If I see something I like, instead of purchasing it
I ask myself, can I make this? It started with jewelry, but it's grown
to shelving, clothing, potpourri (much better than store-bought), and
ornamental things like dream catchers and Christmas decorations. 

Here's to the new year and all that it brings! Thanks for sticking around
as I tackle enjoy this crazy thing called life. 


  1. So much has changed for you! I noticed I gravitated towards longer hemlines too as I got older. I just feel so exposed in something too short without tights or something underneath. I've also been making more of my own clothes and such. DIY has become a hobby in my spare time :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  2. So happy to hear your dream has become a reality! I have also started to wear pants all the time. I think it took finding a few pairs that actually fit properly.

  3. These reviews on the past year are great!
    I actually just finished writing one up myself and am amazed at how much has been covered on my blog through it. Haha, no escaping that anymore!
    Great review, it's been wonderful to see how things turned out for you. Dreams DO come true! :D
    So inspiring.
    Cheers to 2015 being an even better year!!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries
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