Saturday, January 31, 2015

Those Stir Crazy Days

If I keep telling myself that I love winter I think it may very well
come true. It's taking everything I've got to forget those carefree
barefoot summer days. I just want the sun!  I mean come on,
look how pale my face has become - it's beyond the help of
simple bronzer at this point. I need and want the warmth of
the sun so bad I'm ready to make like Rapunzel's mother and
hand over my first born. Too bad there's no witch to make this
bet with. Notice: Calling all witches, I will trade my unborn
first child for summer again. And this is the boiling point of
sanity. I have now ventured into the land of raving lunatics....
It's a shame the only 'wild' places left in the world have such
extreme weather. Stay warm, my friends!

Gifted // Wool Hat
 Jacob // Wool Sweater
Thrifted // Silk Skirt 
Thrifted // Bolo tie 
Thrifted // Belt 
Vintage // Leather Boots 


  1. Hahah Im glad you're willing to take one for the team to get summer back to us ;) I'm right there with you- I keep trying to tell myself the snow and wind aren't that bad...but I miss bare shoulders and the sun on my face. What does sunshine even feel like? I dont think I remember anymore. But either way, this outfit is lovely. I LOVE the pop of red against all black. It's so classic and understated.

    Also, thank you for your kind words about my book- they were really *really* encouraging to hear, especially since I'm super nervous about the whole ordeal! You're just the best :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  2. You look darling in this (and much braver than I playing in that out in the snow!) I can never say no to a red pencil skirt and that hat looks great- a good finishing touch.

  3. Haha oh man, if only winter was over already! You're definitely experiencing a more extreme winter than I am, but I'm craving the sun too. Its warm rays are dearly missed...
    Anyway, look at you! That red skirt and matching red lip are one stunning combination on you. Love this outfit Samantha!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Aaaw Kobe! I love it when he has guest appearances on your blog! :)
    This skirt is amazing! I love the bloodred and that it looks even redder with the white snow in the background! Matching red lips and the hat make it chic and cute! Love this whole look!

  5. aww great pictures, and loove your look! your hair are gorgeous <3

  6. Completely agree about summer!! Love any outfit photos with dogs, so top marks for that ;) and generally, as this outfit is gorgeous. I really want a red skirt exactly so I can pair it with all black! CC x

  7. I'm missing summer too! But, I love your outfit! That skirt is adorable!



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