Wednesday, January 21, 2015

To the top of a Mountain

I climbed my first mountain this past weekend! Not some crazy high
mountain or some overly dangerous rocky mountain, but just a regular
mountain with trees and a steep incline. At 26, this is the first time. 

You see, I was a child of the city. I grew up without much money
surrounded by concrete and cultivated gardens. 

When I lived in British Columbia and Alberta, home to the rockies,
I could see the massive mountains off in the distance. I would close
my eyes and be transported to a world of dense forests, woodland
creatures, and fresh air. Like a country girl who dreams of the big city
and all its opportunity, I was a city girl who longed for the wild and free.

Having never lived by the ocean before, with the salty air and crashing
waves, this summer was all about beaches and coastal walks. We've 
become forest dwellers as of late, as the trees protect against the cold
wind that blows so ferociously. With a thick sheet of slick ice coating
the ground, January is probably not the best time to hike up a mountain,
but there's something beautiful about being up there all alone.

It feels wonderful to accomplish something I've wanted to do for
so long. I think I'm more proud of myself for living the life I want
to lead than I am for the fact that I graduated from university! 
I find also that it now gives me the strength to work on the next
 set of goals - I can already hear the peep peep peep of baby chicks.
I suppose one could say I climbed both a mountain
literally and metaphorically. And you? What's your mountain? 

Gifted Boathouse // Hat 
Thrifted // Sweater
Thrifted // Jeans
Vintage // Camera Bag
Vintage // Boots


  1. Way to go Samantha! It's fascinating to read your thoughts on nature, especially since you come from a background that's deprived of it. It's led to a greater appreciation of the simple life, thankfully :)
    I've been undergoing a switch from country to city, and it's different alright! Although for me, it feels like the city-life fits me right now. I definitely think that when I get older, I'll prefer the grounded stability of a more simple life surrounded by nature - whether that be through forests, mountains, or ocean.
    Anyway! Love the bright red jeans you're rocking and the cute hat :)
    Aww, and thanks for the lovely comment!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I really liked seeing some of your thoughts on living in the country versus the city and choosing that life for yourself (says the small town girl who was really surprised she ended up in a small town... not that I regret it, exactly but it was a surprise!)

    You look great in the red jeans.


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