Thursday, November 06, 2014

Autumn Adventures and Other Such Things

It might have been the layers, it might have been the sun, but the day
was deliciously warm and called for an autumn adventure. The smell
of smoke hung thick in the air. It conjured up images of middle-aged
men dressed in tweed blazers and reading glasses upon their noses
sitting in front of a crackling fire with a book in hand and husky
golden labs at their feet. We walked where our friends with hooves
walked just earlier that day.  I may have missed them today, but
we'll meet one day. From atop the giant hill the wind blew strong
and I embraced it with open arms. With this bird's eye view I felt
for a moment what it must be like to have wings. Everything looks
so small. Everything meshes together. I've been learning to use my
senses lately. The overpowering smell of apples from the unseen crab
apple tree. The feeling of the heavy, damp air signalling rain. Branches
break, bird's cry out, and off in the distance a dog's bark can be heard
faintly.  I see the prints in the mud and the tall grass trodden over - we
are not the only ones to make paths. 

Blame is to be put on my rural surroundings for today's home-on-
the-range ensemble. As the tired saying goes, when in Rome. It
really came out of the desire to be warm - layers, layers, layers. I've
been trying to include more dresses that look good with long-sleeved
tops and sweaters underneath and this linen button-up does the job.
The wool pullover underneath is what keeps this dress wearable
during the non-summer months (looks much different here, worn
in the heat of summer, or here as a long vest thing). I'm foreseeing
a very long friendship with this dress. 

Thrifted // Hat
Thrifted // Scarf
Thrifted // Dress
Jacob // Sweater
Thrifted // Belt
Le Chateau // Boots (very old)


  1. You seriously have the most perfect fall wardrobe! I only wish it were a little bit cooler here so I could take more inspiration from you in my own outfits!

  2. Ok so a couple of things:

    1. You said that *you* gushed over *my* comment? I totally gushed over *your* comment, haha! It was so incredibly flattering to hear you say that you enjoy my writing and that I in any way inspire you. Really, I wanted to print that out and tape it to my wall because if I could at least inspire one person than my writing is worthwhile. So thank you thank you thank you for saying that. It truly meant a lot :)

    2. Not to sound like a broken record now, but again, your imagery here is just beautiful. I felt like I was out there with you and I got all these cozy, wonderfully autumn-like images going through my head. Now I want to simmer a batch of apple cider and put on some sort of plaid to complete the mood haha.

    3. This. Outfit. Is. Everything. You should totally add those "pin it" buttons to your pictures because I *need* to remember this look and recreate it. I basically own all the pieces you're wearing and I would have never thought to combine them like this. Beautiful!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  3. I am jealous of this dress - it looks like it would be such a great autumn staple! You've styled it wonderfully here, I love the hat with the long plait and the touch of pumpkin orange from the scarf. Simply lovely <3

  4. Aw your outfit is so cute although I can't imagine how you got up there in those wedge boots! Go you! Such a pretty fall color and beautiful photos :)
    Olivia | Her Name Was Celebration

  5. The location is so beautiful and your outfit is so perfect for fall, I adore it!

  6. haha i def woldnt have pegged it a "home on the range" ensamble had you not mentioned it. i really like the tan and black and the colors in that scarf are just gorgeous. i have two in that same print, one thrifted and pink w/ some greens and i get tons of use out of, and the other from my mom that's blue w/ turquoise and would seem more wearable, but I wish I had one in these hues. you look gorgeous and ah, the rural surrounds there are just gorgeous!

  7. Love this outfit so much and it matches the background so well! The combination of black and sand color is very nice and looks great on you!


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