Monday, November 03, 2014

Forest Blossoms

It's 2014 and fashion rules cease to exist. White can be worn after
Labour Day. Summer dresses are seen in autumn. Black can now be
paired with both brown and navy. Mixing prints and metals? You
betcha. And florals are a year-round print. The dark ambiance assists
this dress in its seasonal transition. Black, the season-less colour. 

It's been gloomy, cold, and raining as of late. The wind is fierce and
shakes the house. The clouds are dark and somber and there is a threat
of snow. Flocks of birds feast in the grass around my house. A pair of
majestic blue jays rest on my porch. A pheasant runs frantically through
my yard and into the forest. The birds can feel it, this cold sweeping in.

At night, my dog sits on the porch surrounded by darkness. Ears perked
back, he hears things I do not.  By the light of day I see prints in the mud.

It is autumn, especially the end tail, and not the summer months that
sights of animals are frequent. They rush to secure their homes against
the advent of winter. They fill their bellies full, for soon food will be
scarce. To a former city dweller, a rural autumn is a whole new world.

Thrifted // Hat (Made in Canada)
Thrifted // Dress
Thrifted // Cardigan
Thrifted // Belt
Thrifted // Boots (Made in Bulgaria)


  1. You look great in this! Love how the pale pink contrasts with the dark tones of the hat and boots. Also love all the atmospheric, fall shots.

    The only thing I don't like, in fact, is your bloglovin' button. I thought I followed you back October but haven't been getting updates. On closer investigation, turns out for your bloglovin' button is for a blog that you aren't updating anymore (last post was in July 2013, if that helps). Anyway, hope you get it fixed because I'd love to follow our blog :D

    1. Ah, that is indeed helpful! Thanks a lot, Kristian :) If it hadn't been for your comment I would never have known.

      And while I'm here, thank you for your kind comments, I appreciate everything you say!

  2. You are a beautiful and eloquent writer Sam! Wish I had talent like that:)! I love the backdrop on these pics! And this outfit....the way you incorporated summer, fall, and winter pieces all into genius! :)

  3. This look is so cute. I love how your cardigan matches your flowers! So cute and your hair looks super great!


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