Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Where the Trees are

The wind has been so nippy lately, a herald of winter, I feel as if
I'm a newspaper flying down the street. Walks in the woods have
become our refuge; the trees shield us. Paul and I have discovered
a new park. There were big trees I couldn't wrap my arms around
and there were thin trees that swayed slowly back and forth. There
were round leaves and pointy leaves; red, brown, and yellow leaves.
The winding paths were hidden under a thick blanket of leaves and
the place had an aura that belongs to fairy-tales. 

As much as I love a little black dress, there's something about a
pretty white smock that leaves you feeling delicate and ethereal. 
Lying in the tall grass in the hot sun with ladybugs crawling on
my bare skin - that's where I'm transported to once I pull this
dress over my head and onto my goose-bumped body in the morning.
And when the mornings are as cold as they have been lately, that's
exactly where I want to be.  But I do love this dress. It's as light as
as a pinch of flour, both in weight and colour, and I depend on
heavy wool accents to keep me warm. That and tall boots with
warm socks. There are no bugs though. Always a silver lining. 

Thrifted // Wool Hat
Thrifted // Wool Vest
Thrifted // Cotton Dress
Thrifted // Leather Boots
Thrifted // Coat


  1. I dont know *what* it is about this post but the writing was so lovely. I literally had to read it twice- so much beautiful imagery. Especially the part where the dress reminds you of lying in the grass with ladybugs. So sweet, and so wonderfully August-y. Can it be summer again please?

    And I LOVE the way you moved this summery dress into fall with wool accents. That was a stroke of genius and I'm copying it ;)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin


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