Thursday, November 20, 2014

Our Homes Are Their Graves

When eyes gaze upon this land laid to waste the words what you
spend years building may be destroyed overnight never rang more
true. In piles larger than arms can reach lies death. Bloodless, tear-
less, and without a scream came death. Cut open, rings of years past
are visible. This was once a  place where creatures found refuge
beneath and between the trees. It now is a hard place where the wind
is ferocious and the sun beats down relentlessly without mercy. All
that remains are stumps, like lifeless bodies after a war. They are a
reminder of what once was, what could have been. Machines do our
bidding and have caused a disconnection from nature.  Whilom slaves
to the land, we now are a race of conquers and rulers. The sad truth is
we have become the very rulers each of us fear. Our advantage
is our mind's capability, but it also serves as our weakness. 

Gap // Cardigan 
All else thrifted 


  1. These are impressive pictures and I love your cute and comfy outfit but the message in this post is so sad. Jarryd's mum told us that they've chopped down all the bushland next to their house in the suburbs to build a new motorway :-/ I hate it when that happens! She said they have lots of birds living in their frontyard now because the poor things were driven away from their former homes.

  2. Yup, you're a writer.
    Beautifully written post dedicated to the fallen trees. I love the photographs you captured with them too!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  3. omg!!! this is amazing!! i love the pictures, the backdrop and your boots are fab!

    Animated Confessions


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