Wednesday, December 10, 2014

DIY: Mini Pine Cone Wreath Ornament

Here we are, another DIY as easy as the A-B-C's - not to mention
incredibly light on the wallet. So cheap you could collect sidewalk
change to pay for this project! The idea for this ornament came as
I was cutting the tops off pine cones for my wreaths and all these
little flakes fell off. Instead of throwing them away this is what I
did! Everything I used except for the glue was from the earth or
leftover bits, such as the cardboard and jute. If anyone knows of
an eco-friendly alternative for glue sticks, please share! So put
cheery Christmas music on, fill your glass with deliciously
creamy eggnog and go make some holiday crafts! 


1 Take pine cone flakes off your collected pine cones.
Note: Try to take already fallen cones from several trees.
If they are damp and closed, just wait a couple of days,
they'll open up. 

2 Make wreath cut outs on cardboard or other non-flexible
material. Cut out. 

3 Glue pine cone flakes onto cut-out. 

4 Glue jute onto back. 



  1. Ah! This is such a cute DIY! Thanks for your comment- we should totally connect more! :) Do you have Twitter and FB?

    Haha- you will chuckle at my blog post from today, if you are avoiding products from the US and Canada. hehe. As far as sustainability, I am starting with fashion and packaging. I realize that I really don't need to live with as much materials as I have, and am trying to adjust my lifestyle to that. It is difficult though, especially since an American past time is boosting our economy, haha. So, now I just do a lot of window shopping and investigations as I am out an about. :) As for packaging, I always try to use the packaging of dry foods, gifts, etc again.

    BTW- raising chickens sounds so cute!

    Happy Advent,

  2. This is the cutest little mini-wreath. Super easy to make and absolutely adorable! <3 Love it!
    Deanna | Curly Top

  3. Aw, this is a nice idea, for next Christmas ihih! :) love it!


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