Tuesday, December 02, 2014

DIY Pine Cone Wreath

My home just doesn't feel festive without a wreath - or three. 
Whether hanging on the door as an invitation or on the wall as an
art piece, wreaths are classic. They're a perfect addition to your
holiday decor since they can be personalized to the nines and are
very easy on the wallet (unless you choose otherwise that is). I also
find making holiday crafts puts me in the mood. Although, the
glass of delicious cold eggnog on the table and the Christmas
movie playing on the TV might have something to do with it! 


Pine cones
Glue gun 
Glue sticks 


1. Collect a whole bunch of pine cones.

2.  On cardboard, or another semi-flexible
material, draw a circle. I used bowls of
various shapes. 

3. Cut out the circles. To cut out the middle,
fold the circle in half. 

4. I used only the tips of the pine cones, that
way the wreaths are more flat. This is optional.
If you do cut them, save the ends and pieces
that fall off, I have for you a tree ornament
that will use all those bits up! 

5. Glue the pine cones facing upright onto the

6. Hang with ribbon. This is also optional. 

And voila! That's it. Pretty simple and very
inexpensive. I'm not sure how the pine cones
will hold up, if at all, this is the first one I've
made. My goal this Christmas is to make my
own things as much as possible, to refrain from
buying things made in say China or Vietnam.
Sorry, China and Vietnam, no offence meant
by calling you out there. I just think I ought
to support my own country; you know,
promote industry at home. I know - who
invited Debbie Downer? It's not so much a
pain for me as it is a way to test my creativity.
And I'll stop now. I have a bunch of DIY 
ornaments coming up in the next few weeks
so stay tuned!


  1. These look amazing - I want to try this! :-)

  2. Thanks so much! Are you going into the ethical fashion and sustainable lifestyle?

    BTW- these pinecone wreaths are so cute!


  3. Aaw cute, cheap and easy - perfect for uncrafty people like me :D Unfortunately we don't have pine cones in Australia :-/


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