Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Humble Times

I'm probably stating the obvious here, but nature can be rather humbling.
To be connected to nature - to breath in the fresh air, to walk barefoot
in the sand, to take in the spectacular sights - that is why I wanted to leave
the city. For most of the summer Paul and I have stuck to beaten paths
and manicured beaches. I've been stubborn and unable to give up all my
"smart city shoes," as the outdoor books call them, although my wedges
sit unworn in my closet for the most part. Over the weekend I put away
my smart city shoes and Paul and I ventured off the frequented trail. 
These photos are obviously not from said adventure - if I wore this outfit
to venture through the woods the trees would laugh at me. All the wood-
land creatures would come out of hiding to sneer at me. I want to start
off by expressing the fact that once you leave the beaten path there is
no path.  The trees grow where they want and there is no boardwalk for
the swampy parts (or fen if you want to be specific - see, I'm learning).
Eventually, we had to find ourselves walking sticks because A) spiders
make their nests everywhere and I had walked into too many webs for my
liking and B) we came across animal scat (proper outdoorsy name for
animal poop). Since we're novices we didn't know if it was deer, moose,
coyote, or bear scat. As soon as we arrived home I went to the computer
to find out what kind of animal it was (yes, I looked at pictures of animal
poop). It's too bad we didn't know then that all we had come across
was deer scat, perhaps we wouldn't have run through the forest with
fear running through our veins if we had known that fact. We didn't though
and so we ran as fast we could, which through dense forest is not very
fast, towards the ocean. We figured the ocean was the safest place.
"Muhahaha, silly humans." That's Mama N roaring with laughter. 
For those of you who are unfamiliar with Cape Breton, it's coast is
rocky and unforgiving.  This shore was no place for swimming - 
the wild waves would force your body to crash against the jagged
rocks. To get back to our car we had to climb over rocks bigger
than sheds. We got back all right, exhausted and defeated. 
Like I said, nature can be humbling.
Thrifted // Hat
DIY // Necklace
O'Neill // Dress
Cranberry Patch // Belt
Thrifted // Satchel 


  1. I love that you still put your feet on the ground - you know that you can't walk through woods in short dress and delicate shoes (which are gorgeous btw). You listen to nature and you are its spirit. Your blog is honest and real. And it makes it be more like a fairytale that million other websites with fashion bloggers, who just pretend to be somewhere more than really BE.

  2. Stunning photos, dear! You look so lovely in this wine red colour. What you described is my favourite kind of adventure! A bit of the unknown and some difficult maneuvering. I often forget to take photos of these adventures because they're so consuming. Nature is very humbling, and I often find that be so refreshing. A bit of a mental reset, if you will! <3

  3. 1. LOVE the new blog layout- all this white is so pretty. 2. Haha smart cuty shoes 3. Im always apprehensive getting off the beaten path too, but once I do I usually am glad I did it. My favorite part about diving into nature is that it literally feels like playing, just like when you were a kid. All that stuff to climb, logs to jump, hill to conquer. You can't spend an afternoon any better :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  4. Your photos are always stunning but these in particular feel like they capture not just clothes, but a whole story and mood (plus, who can resist a big floppy hat?!) . The one of you laying on the wood dock thing is my favorite!


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