Monday, August 11, 2014

Into the Wild

Greetings! It's the same old Samantha here, just a whole new face to this
blog. I've been wanting a cleaner, more minimalist look for a while now.
That and maybe something without the whole sexual innuendo aspect. So
finally, between the busy madness of summer, I plopped myself down in
front of my computer screen and got to it. I'm quite happy with the result,
especially taking into consideration my complete lack of any computer
skills. Goodbye, the Banged Blonde; hello, by Woods and Water. 
When I thought of my new blog name I couldn't help but think how fitting
it was. In a geographical sense: I have the Atlantic ocean to the left of
me and then all else is forests. But fashion reflects a type of living, where
you live. My style lately largely reflects my surroundings; if I am to spend
the day by the water I am drawn towards ensembles of white, blue, red
and all things nautical-esque, but when I'm near the countryside or forests
I go for neutral solids or floral prints. That being said, I'm wearing a dress
with flowers all over it so I must have been away from the water this day.
These pictures are from when Paul and I went to the wildlife park with my
brother and cousins several days ago.  All the animals were pretty cool,
but nothing beat my little duck friend - definitely wasn't camera shy!
Thrifted // Sweater
Thrifted // Dress
Thrifted // Belt 
Nine West (from my mom) // Satchel 
Spring // Flats


  1. Love your new blog name! <3 Beautiful scenery. :-)

  2. I'd been missing your posts Samantha, only to just discover (through the Mod Cloth style gallery) that you have still been writing but with a blog name change! I read pretty much everything through a blog reader and your posts no longer come through due to the change. Not sure if you still have access to blog through the old domain name, but it might be worth blogging the URL change so your old readers can follow you again :-)

    I love your style and enjoy reading your blog, watching the seasons change in polar opposite to life here in Sydney :-)


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