Monday, August 04, 2014

Through the Fog

Another summer weekend has passed. By the end of the season I am
going to be in need of a super rejuvenating hibernation to get my energy
back that's for sure! I'm a little backlogged with my blog, so we're going
back a few days with these pictures. My little cousins have been visiting
from Toronto for about a week now and on Thursday the family went to
the beach for a picnic. When we decided to have a picnic it was sunny,
by the time we ended our picnic we could barely see in front of us the
fog was so thick. But there were no complainants from my six and seven
year old cousins who thoroughly enjoyed splashing in the huge waves
created by the stormy weather! Me on the other hand, I snapped some
shots of yet another polka dot and striped ensemble. Even though I've
had these flats since December I'm only rocking them now! I usually
don't shop at Old Navy, but for Christmas I was there buying their
fluffy socks that my sister loves so much when I came across these flats
for only $8. Yes, please. I mean, my closet is full of people's leftovers
and unwanted things that I can treat myself now and then, no? It's nice
to own new things. Not a scratch, loose thread, or crease in these shoes!
It's a shame that eco-friendly stores gouge people for I'd be a loyal customer
if only I could afford it. I have a feeling I'll be a thrifter for a while. 
Hat // Thrifted
Wool Vest // Thrifted
Shirt // Thrifted
Skirt // GAP (a gift)
Flats // Old Navy 


  1. I love the photos! The fog creates such a mysterious atmosphere :) Lovely outfit on you too, I really want to steal these supercute flats! And the hat! And Kobe because he is so adorable! ;D

  2. such gorgeous photos, as usual! these flats are adorable -- i can see how you couldn't pass them up! i actually don't shop much at old navy either, but i have a pair of leopard flats that i can't stop wearing from there. sometimes they definitely come out with gems!


  3. Dat fog though <3
    Haha, lovely photos Sam, and your flats are definitely adorable! Such a great pair to snap up

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  4. Black and white and spots and stripes- all the things I love, yes please! You look fantastic! Also, I really like the rebranding.


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