Monday, August 18, 2014

Red Monday

As much as I enjoy every day of summer, there's just something about
the end of the season that puts it ahead of the rest. It's this time of year
that's the best for swimming, for the water has warmed and the days are
hot. It's this time of year that nature around us is lush and blossoming.
It's this time of year that we begin to eat our fresh vegetables and fruits.
And in regards to fashion, it's this time of year that the transition from
bright colours and pastels to warm shades and neutrals happens. I'm not
for pinks and purples, instead I opt for reds, navy, and browns, which
is the time to shine for these colours! And all that is what comes to  
mind when wearing this scrumptious red maxi skirt. I've been wanting
to expand my longer skirt collection, but sometimes (if not most times)
thrifting can be a test of patience. So imagine being on the hunt for a
red maxi skirt? Darn near impossible I tell you! But finding gems
like this is what makes thrifting worthwhile; a skirt made in Canada
from natural fabrics scored for only five dollars? Sounds about right to
me! It's been a two year hunt for something daisy or sunflower print.
Again, I have so much patience, would you like to have some?
Another thing this skirt comes in handy for: protecting my lower
half from bugs, for there are so many here! I mean, so many. 
Thrifted/DIY // Shirt
Thrifted // Skirt
Craft Store/DIY // Ladybug Studs
Aldo // Flats


  1. Oh a new name and new banner - looks lovely! I really like it!
    And I'm secretly still hoping I'll be able to grow my hair as long as yours so I can make it wavy because it looks sooo pretty in your pics every single time! :)
    Beautiful outfit too. Simple but I love how the red/black/white contrast works together!

  2. Oh here you are! I lost you for a moment and I was really upset. But thanks to bloglovin I have the new url and now I'm content. Do not run away another time not letting me know!:)

  3. red an plaid work so well together, always~! i love your take on the combo though, it looks more feminine than punk cos of the maxi skirt. love it!

    xo, Carla


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