Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lots of Dots

Happy Saturday! It's hard to believe that I haven't yet used my town's
lighthouse as a backdrop for my photos. This large beacon of hope is
so quintessentially summer, don't you think? This lighthouse is also quite
important being the site of Canada's very first lighthouse (now in ruins
beside the standing one). On the way to the lighthouse there's a path,
now overgrown and wild, that leads to the old lighthouse keeper's house.
When I was younger and used to spend my summers in this town my
friends and I would explore such places. I can't imagine having done that
in the city - where squatters and druggies might frequent - but in a sleepy
town that's what constituted as adventure. I attempted twice now to
"adventure" with my younger brother about the town (yeah, I'm a total
kid at heart), there are no more paths though; they have disappeared due
to lack of use. Is it not a rite of passage for your foot to go through the
floorboard of an abandoned house? My answer is yes, but I'm afraid
not everyone shares this sentiment. And since that inner child of mine is
so strong I shall channel her through fun prints, such as double polka dots!
Reitman's // Dress
Magnolia // Necklace
Thrifted // Belt
The Red Barn // Bracelet 
Thrifted // Flats 


  1. You say that I write good posts, but I just lost reading yours! Definitely a rite of passage to break your foot through a floorboard in an old house. Ha! One time my brother broke through a ceiling crawling around in an attic. Fun times. Very new house, which made it all the sillier. He was okay. :D

    I looooove that polka for dress! AUGH! It fits you to a T! Have a lovely start to your week, my friend.

  2. What a pretty
    Dress and such great photos!

  3. I love your blog re-brand! Great new name and your photos here are stunning. This is a classic outfit! You look beautiful as always.


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