Monday, January 14, 2013

DIY Cork Board

     Today I thought I would do a quick DIY for the home post in lieu of a style post. If you're a drinker of wine,  don't throw out all those corks, make a cork board instead! I used mine to display my postcard collection (it's also the background to my blog).  I must admit, I did not drink all this wine by myself! When I was planning to make this I got my friends and family to keep their corks, and it also helped that I worked at a restaurant, where they kept a bucket to save corks for me. It's nice to know I deterred all these corks from ending up in a landfill!
     Materials needed: corks, glue sticks, hot glue gun, and wood or cardboard for the backing. Adding a frame is a nice touch as well!

xo, The Rag Trade

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