Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Earthy Essence

Throughout the afternoon I watched them there, 
Snow fairies falling, falling from the sky,
Whirling fantastic in the misty air,
Contending fierce for space supremacy
    Claude McKay, The Snow Fairy

Outfit: Wool Skirt (DIY), Sweater (Thrifted), 
Scarf (Thrifted) Hat (Aldo), Peacock necklace (DIY), Leg Warmers (Gift)

My skirt, originally.  Another too small clothing article of the bf. I was a little
 perplexed with what to do with it, I didn't like the zipper aspect of it, but since
 it was merino wool I couldn't just throw it away! The bottom half is used for the
 skirt while the arms are used for the waistband.  I apologize for all the dog and
 cat hair, darn animals!  

I added little pleats, for the shirt was naturally wider than my shape. The hardest 
part of this project was making sure the pleats were even all the way around. I thought
 that working with wool would be difficult, but not so, just make sure you fold the
 raw ends under as to prevent fraying. 

My vintage radio

  From the look of these photos it would seem as if I wear an obscene amount of blush! The cold is just nature's way of making my life easier, no need to apply blush today... I shall continue to dream of summer as I sit bundled up inside, sipping hot beverages with the temperature at -28, just nuts! 
  I wanted to show my admiration for old things today as well, so I present my vintage radio (circa. 1940's/'50's)! I must clarify- my admiration for old things does not expand into my preference of men, just thing. It is a bit beat up, such as the missing knobs, but that's mostly due to the moving I've done rather than time- I've moved an absurd amount of times (I stopped counting at 25). Beat up or not, I find it charming and it fits perfectly with my house decor (atop the radio sits a vintage jewelry box). 
   And my obsession with doors continues! This one is my favourite- such an interesting handle. 

Thank you so very much for taking the time to view my blog!
xo, The Rag Trade 


  1. love your outfit photos with doors ;) great theme.

    i also love your vintage radio, i've always wanted one of those.

  2. Such I lovely blog!!! I've just discovered it!!!

  3. Also, I love your refashions. Day is totally where it's at!


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