Sunday, January 20, 2013

Le Chandail Rouge

Every age can be enchanting, provided you live within it.
   Brigitte Bardot 

Outfit: Sweater (My lil' sister's closet), Dress (Thrifted), 
Boots (Le Chateau), Hat (Aldo), Stone Ring (Thrifted)

   Today was a fiercely windy day! I added the last photo as proof; my hair was blowing in all directions! I find  winter windy days are easier to deal with since a coat will stop a loose dress or skirt from blowing upwards, whereas during the summer you have nothing to protect you from flashing innocent bystanders! Shamefully, this has happened to me, but thankfully I ALWAYS wear shorts underneath! They also add a bit of warmth in the winter, a must when I'm silly enough to wear dresses and skirts in temperatures -15 and colder. I know, I know, not another complaint about the weather! It's just... I want the warm weather back!
  This sweater has made its way into yet another blog post, it's so cozy and warm, not to mention, red is a perfect colour to wear in winter (I also like to wear red in fall- with browns, and summer-with blues, but I find I shy away from it during spring).  And the red sweater is just what I need to winterize this otherwise rather summery white lace dress! 

Until next time!
xo, The Rag Trade 


  1. Love the outfit, the pop of red is great :D

    -15 weather? that's craaazy!! i've never experienced that type of cold before. i am so ready for the summer!! hehehe.

    1. I know, absolutely crazy! It really makes me miss B.C....

  2. whata gorgeous outfit, such a pretty dress! i have a similar one and this reminds me i must re mix it soon! its super cold here in the uk with lots of snow :( i loved it at first but now its getting on my nerves lol! lovely blog you have hun, i do love finding fellow dress lover xxx


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